Our History

The Centre for Autism Services Alberta (CFASA) is a non-profit organization founded in Edmonton in 1997 by parents of children with autism. Originally known as the Family Linkages Foundation of Alberta, our mission was twofold: to support our families and to build a community that understands, includes, and creates opportunities for people with autism. In 2008, we became the Centre for Autism Services Alberta, driven by a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

Over the years, our organization has seen remarkable growth and achievements. In 2014, recognizing the need for services in Calgary, we expanded our reach to the city, offering tailored support for children with autism and their families. The following year, we broadened our scope even further by extending our services to various educational institutions and community agencies across the province. Simultaneously, we introduced adult programming in Edmonton, catering to individuals transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

Our commitment to serving the autism community was further demonstrated in 2017 when CFASA expanded its reach outside of Alberta, providing much-needed services in Nunavut. This expansion showcased our dedication to supporting individuals with autism beyond provincial borders.

Responding to the increasing demand for services, in 2023, CFASA opened a new facility in Calgary. This new center offers specialized services, child-focused Behaviour Developmental supports and respite services as well as early childhood programs, addressing previously unmet needs in the community.

Today, with the generous support of funders, sponsors, and private donors, our programs and services are changing outcomes, enriching lives, empowering families, fostering independence, and transforming communities. As the only autism accredited provider in Alberta, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Our ability to serve not only within Alberta but also beyond its borders highlights our dedication to supporting a larger community of individuals with autism.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and innovative supports and services to those with autism, and their family network. Some of those supports include early childhood services; sports, leisure, social and skills programs; and pre-employment programs.

Our Vision and Purpose

The Centre’s vision is to support individuals with autism in leading meaningful, engaged lives; our purpose is to empower Autistic people and their families to thrive.

Our Values

  • Collaboration: We build authentic partnerships.
  • People Focused: We seek to understand each person’s specific context, dreams, and goals to promote their achievement.
  • Autistic Voice and Choice: Our services reflect what is important to autistic people.
  • Continuous Improvement: If better is possible, we do it.


Together we can change outcomes, foster independence, enrich lives, empower families, and transform communities. Together we can transform Alberta.