Behavioural Consultation Services – Autism – Children and Adolescents

The Centre is accredited by CARF International – the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities – on Autism – Children, Adolescents, and Adults, and is the only accredited autism services provider in Alberta.

Accredited facilities must meet high and continually evolving standards of care, education, and training. Accreditation is a sign of our commitment to quality and assurance to people seeking our services that we meet or exceed evidence-based international standards.


Leading the Way

The Centre for Autism Services Alberta exists to empower Autistic people and their families to thrive. We are a Canadian leader in individualized services, early childhood services, therapy, applied research and training, and enrichment programming for children, teens, and young adults with autism and their families. We provide comprehensive and innovative supports and services to those individuals and their family network. Home to three research fellows, the Centre is the only accredited autism service provider in Alberta (Accredited in Behavioural Consultation Services – Autism by CARF International). We strive to ensure that individuals with autism lead meaningful, engaged lives.

Smart Technology

The Centre uses smart technology (TN ActiveCare System) to engage families through video in the home and community. The system stores essential information including individualized services plans and helps monitor progress and adjust care through real-time information. This technology allows for three important components of care – recording services and outcomes, monitoring progress on a regular and ongoing basis, and adjusting programming to meet individual responses to care. It also facilitates communication and collaboration between an individual’s service team and family.


The Centre operates under a Neurodiversity framework and a person-centered model. This means that we define autism as a developmental disability that affects how people think, understand the world, move, communicate, and socialize. The Autistic brain is a natural variation. We endeavor to understand each person’s specific context, dreams, and goals to support their achievement. Our services and programs reflect what is important to autistic people. We are constantly evaluating our services and keeping up to date on current best practices because if better is possible, we do it. We also recognize that at different stages of life, family/guardians are key decision-makers for and with their dependents. We work as a team that includes the autistic person, their family, multi-disciplinary personnel, and others from the autistic person’s community. The environment and people within it adapt to meet each individual’s needs, creating a sense of belonging and participation in all activities and settings. We integrate developmental and behavioural sciences employing strategies in natural activities and routines to teach skills and promote success. We maximize effectiveness by using empirical findings, professional experience, and the values and preferences of persons served. Our services and programs are inclusive of and responsive to overlapping identities, cultures, and unique experiences.