We have compiled a brief list of general external resources.

For more targeted questions on programs and access to specific resources, please contact us.



  • AIDE Canada – Discover Canada’s largest resource hub for content catered to the autism and neurodivergent communities. Explore the collection of over 3000 books on autism, and discover thousands of charities, services, and program-based communities.


  • AUTGEMS You want meaningful employment. We want to help you succeed. AUTGEMS collates valuable resources for female and gender-minority Autistics in the workplace so that you can make working work for you.


  • Autism Alberta Family Resource Centre – Autism Society Alberta (ASA) is a grassroots organization within the autism community connecting to its provincial members through regional partners and networking with agencies and associations throughout the province and nationwide.ASA is dedicated to increasing public awareness about autism and the day-to-day issues faced by individuals with autism, their families, and the professionals with whom they interact. The Society and its partners share a common mission of providing information and education, supporting research, and advocating for programs and supports for the autism community.


  • Autism Edmonton – Inclusive opportunities and services for the autism community.


  • BYTE – Children with autism are likely to suffer many more oral health problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, and dental injury, than children without autism. What’s more, many with autism have sensory sensitivities that can make visits to the dentist challenging. Fortunately, there are several things parents and caregivers can do to make oral hygiene and dental visits easier for their autistic children! has put together a comprehensive guide to dental care for children with autism.


  • Children’s Link –  Children’s Link is based in Calgary but provides a province-wide, current database of available resources. It provides a one-stop site where families and professionals can explore options and connect with the services and supports best suited to their requirements. In addition, they have an experienced and dedicated team of staff who are available to assist you with your search.


  • Developmental Pediatrics at the University of Alberta – Based at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, specialists in developmental-behavioural pediatrics work with colleagues from allied health disciplines to provide medical and interdisciplinary assessment and intervention for children and youth with developmental disabilities and their families.

    The focus is on cognitive and language disabilities such as intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, speech disorders, developmental language disorders, learning disabilities, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).



  • Gateway Association – Empowering families and people who live with disabilities to live fully authentic lives. Visit their website for employment resources, family resources, digital inclusion, learning resources, workshops, and more!



  • Neurodevelopmental Disability (NDD) Navigator Toolkit – The NDD Navigator Toolkit provides a variety of different resource banks on topics such as Transition Planning, Pathways of Support, and Mental Health, as well as disability-specific resources for Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and FASD.


  • SIECCAN (Sex Information and Education Council of Canada) – SIECCAN is committed to improving access to comprehensive sexual health education for all communities in Canada. They have recently released a Sexual Health for Autistic Youth toolkit. This project is funded by Health Canada, and provides information and resources for Autistic youth and service providers who work with them.These resources were developed in collaboration with an expert working group of people with diverse lived experiences and professional expertise. These resources can be used by policy and program decision-makers, services providers, and Autistic youth themselves.Click here to access the resources in English and in French.  


  • Sinneave Family Foundation – The Sinneave family foundation is based in Calgary and aims to improve education, employment, and housing outcomes for Autistic adults.