Wondering where to find some great summer adventures?

Look no further than Edmonton’s Community Facilities and Parks Accessibility Guide. 

We’ve curated a list of some accessible City of Edmonton spaces, as well as other great summer activities with hyperlinks to directions via Google Maps. For a complete City of Edmonton listing with locations and descriptions nearest you, click the link above.


Accessible Indoor & Outdoor Facilities for Summer Fun

  • A.C.T. Aquatic and Recreation Centre – 2909 -113 Avenue.  Fully accessible facilities with integrated activities and programs available for persons with disabilities.
  • Fred Broadstock Outdoor Pool – 158 Street & 105A Avenue.  Fully accessible outdoor pool with lift access and zero depth entry, ramps connecting to picnic area and sundeck.
  • Clareview Community Recreation Centre & Clareview Library – 3804 – 139 Ave NW. Gymnasiums, pools, outdoor playgrounds, and the public library all are fully accessible with parking, ramps, and elevators, and can accommodate chairs and other mobility assist devices.
  • The Meadows Community Recreation Centre & The Meadows Library – 2704 – 17th Street. This large and bright facility has many accessible features, including accessible parking, elevators and ramps, accessible aquatic centre features like ramp access to the pool, portable stairs, and lift access.
  • Edmonton Valley Zoo – Buena Vista Road & 134 Street.  Accessible facility, viewing areas, and carousel rides. Concessions are available throughout the facility and there’s lots of interactive fun for the whole family!


Accessible Parks

  • Borden Park – 112 Avenue & 74 Street. This park includes a public pool, accessible pathways, flower gardens, playground, picnic sites, public artworks, sports fields, and tennis courts! Borden Natural Swimming Pool is Canada’s first public, man-made, natural swimming pool. This great family pool is surrounded by sand and has plenty of lounge space with umbrellas, making it a perfect destination to enjoy a summer day. As no chemicals are used to disinfect the water, the guidelines of the pool are different from other outdoor pools. Please read the pool guidelines before visiting the facility.
  • Queen Elizabeth Pool – 9100 Walterdale Hill. This is a fully accessible facility. There is an accessible entranceway, change rooms, and washrooms. Zero-depth entry for the main pool. Accessible spray deck. Braille on all change room signs.
  • Jackie Parker Park – 4540 – 50 Street NW.  Fully accessible park! Easily accessible transit and parking lots, wide paved paths, accessible washrooms, picnic sites, viewing points, playground, and Spray Park.
  • Louise McKinney Park – 95 Street and 101 Avenue.  Fully accessible Park with accessible parking, paths, paved picnic sites, switchback ramps with handrails, and accessible resting and viewing points.
  • Rundle Park – 203 – 113 Avenue.  Fully accessible Park, right near ACT Aquatic and Recreation Centre. Tonnes of activities are available throughout the summer such as paddle boat rentals, sports fields and tennis courts, paved and gravel river valley paths and trails, disc golf course, and many sheltered and open picnic sites.
  • Hermitage Park – 127 Ave and 36 Street Fully accessible park! Accessible parking near the dock and fish pond, fully accessible port-a-potty, gravel paths lead to the dock and fish pond, accessible canoe dock with lift, wetland area, seating area, and wooden dock can be reached by an accessible gravel path. Park also has an off-leash dog park and disc golf course.


Accessible Spray Parks and Playgrounds

Accessible Playgrounds


More great ideas in and around the City!


CFASA Summer Camps

The Centre offers awesome summer camps for Autistic children and teens, ages 3 – 17 that run for 7 weeks throughout July and August.

Click the links below for more information:

Sensory Kits at the Museum

Grab a Sensory Kit to enhance your museum visit! Kits include a backpack with noise-reduction headphones, sunglasses, fidgets, and a timer. The kit also includes a sensory map to guide your visit, helping you find things like quiet areas, hands-on exhibits, movement opportunities, and snack zones.

Sensory Kits come in both small and large sizes. They are available at the Admissions desk and are free to borrow.

Tickets can be purchased in advance. If your family enjoys the museum and plans to visit several times a year, their Annual Mammoth Pass is an INCREDIBLE value, at only $70 for a yearly family pass (pass includes two (2) adults and children 17 and younger, to a maximum of eight (8) people)!!

Click HERE to plan your trip to the Royal Alberta Museum.


Alberta Aviation Museum Sensory Nights

This is a newer event being offered at the Alberta Aviation Museum – they are offering sensory-friendly nights throughout the year. This program will continue into the fall and winter as well. Click HERE for details and to purchase tickets.


Sensory Screenings and Quiet Hour at the Telus World of Science

They turn the lights up a bit and turn the noise down to screen great IMAX movies on the giant screen in a more relaxed and calm setting. Click HERE for the summer-fall screening schedule and more information about planning your visit!

Quiet Hour runs from 9:00 am to 10:00 am on scheduled dates throughout the year. With reduced attendance, noise levels, and sensory stimulation, Quiet Hour is an opportunity for you and your family to engage in hands-on learning in a sensory-friendly environment. Click HERE for more details.


Sensory Friendly Films at Landmark Cinemas

Check out the listings for monthly movie screenings where the lights are up and the sound is down! Click HERE for more information and listings for a theatre near you.


Sensory Screenings at Cineplex Odeon

Check out the listings for monthly movie screenings where the lights are up and the sound is down! Click HERE for more information and listings for a theatre near you.


We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym

This unique play space offers a friendly and accepting environment for children and families on the spectrum. Click HERE to visit their website.

Their gym includes:

  • Suspended equipment with swings
  • Crash mats and crash pillows
  • Zip line – for stress release and joint and body relaxation
  • Indoor play structures
  • Sensory-based toys and equipment
  • Fine motor and arts and crafts area
  • Calming room
  • Private room for b-day parties, private events, and classes
  • Retail shop + healthy snacks and beverages


Muttart Conservatory

The Muttart Conservatory is one of Canada’s largest indoor botanical collections and is centrally located, nestled in the Edmonton River valley.

Discover the Pyramids and learn about more than 700 species of plants in 3 climate-regulated biomes. Or check out the feature pyramid, where you can enjoy unique themed displays and fabulous seasonal celebrations. Click HERE to learn more and to plan your visit!


Visit the Sheep!

Take a trip out to Fort Saskatchewan to visit the sheep who keep the park around the Fort Precinct trim and tidy! You can bring tasty treats like whole carrots, celery, or apples for the sheep to munch if you’d like. Or just watch them crunch away on the delicious grass and weeds. Get as close as you’d like and pet them, or watch from a comfortable distance

Sheep Grazing season runs June 3 to September 4, 2023

On Sundays, the sheep leave for their off-duty pasture starting at 6:00 pm. Join us at the Sheep Leaving Parade on Monday, September 4 to bid our woolly friends farewell. For more information on our Sheep Grazing Program, please call 780-940-1325.

Visit the nearby Millers’ Ice Cream for a cool treat in their unique shop that used to be a train station!


Tips from the Centre for a Smooth-Sailing Summer!

Click HERE to have a look at our pro tips to help make transitions more manageable and make summer more fun for the whole family!