Specialized Services (SS) are funded through Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) (Community and Social Services) to support families of children with severe disabilities including autism.

To access Specialized Services at the Centre, children require a documented diagnosis of autism or a query of autism and must qualify under FSCD’s criteria.

Specialized Services are available in Edmonton and Calgary

Every child is unique. Every family is uniqueThe Centre’s Specialized Services (SS) are focused to meet the unique needs of children and families affected by autism and its associated challenges. With 25+ years of experience, the Centre has developed a philosophy and approach that is holistic, inclusive, values children and families, and prioritizes strategies that work for you.

Why Choose the Centre?

  • Autistic people are valued! Autistic voice and choice are embedded in our leadership, board, staffing, and volunteers
  • We are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of autistic persons by offering a lifespan of support from early childhood to adulthood
  • SS families gain preferred access to on-site preschool (PUF funded), the START Program, Respite, OT groups, and more!
  • Families may also be interested in participating in any of our community and recreational activities, summer camp, workshops, and other programs the Centre promotes and develops
  • The Centre is the only accredited children’s autism service provider in Alberta (through CARF International) – ensuring a high-quality standard of care
  • Flexible delivery including in-person and secure video-link technology options
  • No hidden fees. The Centre manages all financial aspects of SS with the government


What Does Specialized Services Look Like in Practice?

  • You gain access to a multi-disciplinary team of supervised and trained specialists in autism (usually a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and behavioral case manager/behaviour analyst)
  • A yearly individualized service plan is developed based on parent priorities and child need
  • Interventionists may be included for child-focused teaching and modeling of skills
  • Services take place in home and community settings
  • Services are coordinated with other supports such as health and education
  • Staff provide regular written updates and reports on needs, progress, and goals


* As a government-funded activity. Additional information is listed here.


Our focus is on the child and the family.

  • Services are designed to improve daily living skills and increase caregiver capacity to provide developmentally-appropriate parenting.
  • Children are provided direct care to improve function.
  • Parents are coached on concrete skills that will increase their child’s independence and improve the overall quality of life for the entire family.


Ready to start Specialized Services at the Centre?

Click APPLY NOW to download the application form. Email completed application forms to Sharon at  info@centreforautismab.ca.